Learn Hatha Yoga for Health and Wholeness

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course

A carefully crafted teacher training course to transform yoga students and practitioners into authoritative yoga teachers. 

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What is the course about?

Here’s a glimpse to the course content that you will learn

  • What is yoga
  • Origin, history and development of yoga
  • Philosophy of hatha yoga
  • What is asana
  • Basic mechanism of asana
  • Meaning of prana and pranayama
  • Importance of purification practices or shatkarma
  • Hatha yoga for Raja yoga
  • Gross and subtle meaning of hatha yoga
  • How to practice hatha yoga
  • How to teach asana and pranayama
  • How to conduct a classical hatha yoga class
  • Yogic concept of personality or panchkosha
  • How to give hands-on adjustments to students
  • Anatomy and physiology

How it Works

Get the practice
Train like a hatha yogi with classical exercises for fitness, asana for vibrant health, pranayama for energy channelization and purification practices for removing the blockages.

Get the philosophy
Go deep and elevate your practice by applying the core hatha yoga philosophy as a framework of Raja yoga

Yoga adjustment
Develop authority as you learn to adjust physically and psychically in postures and other practices to appreciate the paramount role that mind plays to open higher pathways of yoga. 

Learn how to teach hatha yoga
Ability to teach hatha yoga beyond a system of physical exercise is the distinction that you will finally carry. 

What problem this course will solve for me?

The course will take you step-by-step and systematically forward to transform you from a yoga student into a yoga teacher without the need to travel away from your house, city or country. From the comfort of your home and at your own pace you will get complete support from us until you achieve your goal. 


Introduction to Yoga
  • Understanding yoga
  • Etymology of yoga
  • Definitions of yoga
  • Origin, history and development of yoga
  • Aims and objectives of yoga
Hatha Yoga
  • Introduction to hatha yoga
  • Purpose of hatha yoga
  • Principles of hatha yoga
  • Causes of success and failure in hatha yoga
  • Purpose and utility of shat karma in hatha yoga
  • Asana in hatha yoga
  • Mechanism of asana
  • Introduction to pranayama
  • Concept of pranayama
Raja Yoga: The Goal of Hatha Yoga
  • Nature and aim of yoga
  • Ashtanga yoga of Patanjali
  • Klesha and their significance in yoga
Yoga Health and Disease
  • Health according to yoga
  • Yogic concept of health and disease
  • Concept of panchkosha
Anatomy and Physiology
  • Introduction to anatomy and physiology
  • Nervous system
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Homeostasis
Mastering Asana
  • In-depth training in 20 hatha yoga asana
Mastering Pranayama
  • In-depth training in 5 pranayama
  • Understanding meditation
  • Cyclic meditation
Yoga Adjustments
  • Philosophy of yoga adjustment
  • Principles of hands-on adjustments
  • Techniques of adjustments in asana
Teaching Methodology
  • Introduction
  • Concept of learning and teaching
  • Teaching methods in yoga
  • Teaching hatha yoga asana
  • Teaching pranayama
  • Conducting a complete hatha yoga class

Course Features

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Certified Course

Our Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course is accredited by Yoga Alliance USA. We are fully authorized to host our Hatha Yoga program 100% online or in blended format through 2023

Course Teacher

Saurabh is the founder and lead yoga teacher at Akshara Yoga School. Born and brought up in rural India in the owner-cultivator tradition, qualities of simplicity, patience and generosity marked his character. 

He has received his yoga education and training from the leading institutes of yoga in India. He has full command over ancient Yoga scriptures like Patanjali Yoga sutra, Bhagavad Gita, Major Upanishad and Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

He has extensive yoga teaching experience with hands-on proficiency in yoga application. As a passionate yoga educator he has developed the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course for aspiring yoga teachers. The course has been developed after conducting several hatha yoga teacher training courses and training students from over ten countries at his residential school located on a sustainable agriculture farm.  This worked-in-detail course will help new yoga students  as well as experienced practitioners to develop a clear and in-depth understanding about hatha yoga and its philosophy to become a confident yoga teacher. 

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Hatha yoga is the yoga of present-day man/woman who want good health, vitality, peace of mind and all round wellbeing. As yoga stands for 'union' similarly Hatha yoga also stands for union. Hatha means the union of 'Ha' and 'Tha'. 'Ha' represents sun, right nostril, effort and 'Tha' represents moon, left nostril, surrender. Therefor, Hatha means the union or balance of pair of opposites operating within us.

Hatha yoga is a branch of Raja Yoga and primarily consist of Asana (physical postures), Pranayama (breathing practices) and Kriya (purificatory practices). Hatha yoga brings the necessary discipline in body, mind and energy to prepare us for meditation. 

A teacher training course is a well designed academic/training pragram to transform a student into teacher. In our Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course you will get ample opportunity to study, refine and deepen your knowledge and practice of hatha yoga.

Hatha yoga teacher training course is for all those sincere practitioners of yoga who want to upgrade the skill and competency to the level of teaching.

This course is also suitable for learners new to yoga, since there is no time limit to finish the course and can learn at their own pace. Additionally we provide complete support to all our students during their learning and training phase.

Also all those students who cannot travel for yoga training outside their cities and countries due to their busy schedule can take this cours.

Yes. The course is certified by Yoga Alliance, USA.

Definitely. All those students who can travel are welcome to attend the course at our school located on a beautiful sustainable farm in the foothills of Himalayas. The course duration will be 28 days in residential format.

Yes you will be able to get in touch with the instructor during the course whenever you want.

There are many benefits of attending online course like flexible learning, applicable course work, affordability, opportunity of virtual collaboration etc.

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