The Ultimate Essence of Yoga Course

Learn To Practice Yoga With Its Essence

Yoga is not an exercise but a way of life. Get your yoga practice correct and and EMPOWER yourself with mindfulness, relaxation, creativity and health.

Discover the HIDDEN QUINTESSENCE of yoga through simple yoga technique without struggling with your BODY and MIND

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keynote of Yoga In One Course

Yoga is vast, scattered in various texts and scriptures. The course remove the basic difficulty of students i.e. from where to start and what to practice. Here are the TOP BENEFITS of the course:

 Get the essence of yoga which no Yoga Guru has shared

 Yoga theory refined by teaching experience of over 10 years

 Yoga practice based on the ancient principle of stimulation and relaxation

 Exclusive yoga technique containing the essence of yoga culled out from Upanishad

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What is the course about?

Here’s a glimpse to the course content

  • What is yoga
  • Basic mechanism of yoga
  • Principle of stimulation and relaxation
  • What is meditation
  • What is the way to experience relaxation
  • What is the basis of wellbeing
  • How to practice yoga
  • How to reach inner equilibrium
  • How to keep stress at bay
  • How to reach optimal self

What You Will Learn In This Course

Get the Essence of Yoga
Behind all the types and paths of yoga, there is one underlying principle. Learn that single principle for success in yoga.

Get Strong Foundation in Yoga
Remove the misconceptions and gain clear understanding about yoga for its permanent foundation.

Learn Contemporary Yoga Technique
You will not just learn some another form of meditation, but a modern yoga technique based on the ancient essence of yoga.

Learn How to Avoid Getting Mechanical in Yoga
For continuous personal growth & managing yourself better, you will learn how to maintain awareness in yoga.

What problem this course will solve for me?

The course addresses the basic problem of our mind, routinely operating between the extremes of being 'inactive' or 'agitated'. Hence it is necessary to reach the state of equilibrium & balance for health & harmony in life. Reaching inner EQUILIBRIUM is the essence of yoga and the objective of this course


Understanding Yoga
  • What yoga is not
  • Etymology of word yoga
  • Definitions of yoga from classical texts
  • Assessment
Yoga - The Path of Meditation
  • Eight limbs of yoga
  • Unravelling the essence of yoga
  • Yoga a process of de-automatization
  • Practicum - basic yoga practice
  • Assessment
Cyclic Meditation
  • Concept of Cyclic Meditation
  • Stimulation and relaxation: key to the problem
  • Discussion
  • Assessment
  • Living the essence of yoga: Cyclic Meditation

Course Features

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Course Teacher

Saurabh is the founder and lead yoga teacher at Akshara Yoga School. Born and brought up in rural India in the owner-cultivator tradition, qualities of simplicity, patience and generosity marked his character. 

He has received his yoga education and training from the leading institutes of yoga in India. He has full command over ancient Yoga scriptures like Patanjali Yoga sutra, Bhagavad Gita, Major Upanishad and Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

He has extensive yoga teaching experience with hands-on proficiency in yoga application. As a passionate yoga educator he has developed the essence of yoga course for the first-timers coming to the field of yoga. This concise and power packed course will help the first time learners as well as experienced practitioners to develop a clear understanding about yogic philosophy and practice to chart a transformational path for themselves..

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  • Essence of yoga course is a foundational course in yoga. The course clears the common misconceptions about yoga to give you the basic purpose, purport and working of yoga. Once you know for what and how yoga works, you know the essence of yoga and can safely take its diverse paths for further study without getting sidetracked from the core of yoga. 
  • This course is for each and everyone of those who are new to yoga and don't know from where to start. If you are a beginner in yoga and want to clear doubts and grasp the nature of yoga along with simple yoga practices which you can practice for life than this course is for you.
  • Yes you will be able to get in touch with the instructor whenever you want during the course.

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