How Yoga Can Help You Enjoy Your Exam Period? 

Step-by-Step instructions for stress-free exams

Ever thought that exams can be a period of transformation? 15 minutes yoga per day can help you stay focused, energetic, relaxed and calm as you go through your exams.

Saurabh Chaudhary

A Renowned Yoga Teacher at Akshara Yoga School, Pilibhit, India. 

Varvara Marinatou Chaudhary

Experienced Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic consultant at Akshara Yoga School, Pilibhit, India. 

It is not only about achieving your goals, but what you do to achieve them

Useful yoga tips for building inner strength and calmness for achieving academic goals.

40 minutes free webinar for vanishing pre-exam anxiety and tension.

SUNDAY, 8 MAY 2022, 5PM

Benefits of Webinar:

  • Exposure to yoga
  • Learn how to remain relaxed and focused
  • Understand the mechanism behind relaxation
  • Enhance the capacity of brain
  • Improve the power of mind
  • Boost academic performance
  • Improve time management 
  • Beneficial for students and parents

Yoga is a skill to calm down the mind...

Use yoga as an excellent workout not only for your body but also for your mind!

What you will learn:

Basics of yoga
The source of stress, anxiety and fear
Importance of exams and how to handle them
Yoga asana for strength and stability
Pranayama for calming down of mind
Deep relaxation with meaningful resolution

Benefits of Webinar

  • Boost academic performance
  • Boost your confidence in exam room
  • Stay focused and relaxed while writing exam
  • Get health tips
  • Get untold secrets of stress problem and its solution
  • Learn to enjoy the process of exams
  • Simple yoga practices for life-long benefit
  • Score better marks

Score 20% more in exams without putting additional time or loosing your sleep

Join our live webinar and reward yourself with some of the most useful yoga techniques. Studies have shown that yoga can help perform better in academics with following results:

Improved task performance

Better perception, attention and cognition

Improved memory

Better stress adaptation