The real gem of yoga is in its tradition. Tradition testify the purity and authenticity of yoga and we love to teach traditional yoga in most modern way.


Yoga philosophy is not about intellectual entertainment. Yoga cultivates a discerning mind with capacity to see and observe the changes within us and this is our philosophy when we teach yoga.

Online Community

Join the online yoga community of aspiring yoga practitioners and students. Bring the fun element as you enrich your yoga knowledge.

What Will You Learn?

Your online yoga academy is a wonderful opportunity to explore and choose from a wide range of courses and gain a unique skill set that each course offers. You will learn to apply the wisdom of yoga in your daily practical life to improve the overall score of your health, wellbeing and professional success. Apart from this the online experience will teach you to turn your living room into a centre of learning with positive vibes and spiritual energy.

Now Learn Yoga Anytime
Anywhere At Your Pace 

Flexible Learning

No Attendance Stress

Easy Accessibility

Study from Any place

Fast Track Learning

Self-paced Virtual Learning

Pathbreaking online course

Our online courses are designed by our expert teachers from their extensive research, self-study, self-practice and deep personal experience. Study at your own pace, from the comfort of your home and at affordable price.

Workshops, Webinars
and Trainings

 Participate in online workshops, webinars and various training sessions. Collaborate and meet across borders and time zones for a truly inclusive and engrossing learning experience.

User friendly e-learning

We value your time and hence we use a user-friendly interface for easy accessibility and navigability across various courses. Keep track of your progress and learn yoga in a hassle free way.

Why Akshara Yoga Academy?

In this section, you may talk a little about your Academy, the creators behind the concept. And how this course would impact the student’s career. You might like to write the advantages of your course in bullets :

  • After hands-on teaching experience onsite, we have taken the online route to educate and empower yoga seekers.
  • Trained students from over ten countries.
  • Unlimited support and mentoring throughout the course